1. Bookings - no need to book. Simply turn left to the camping ground as you enter the property, and choose any available site. You can register and pay at either Information Hut - we'll bring change, receipts and wood orders around 6pm.
  2. Speed limits on farm must be adhered to at all times and are strictly enforced for the safety of others
  3. Fees rate is $15 per night. A call out fee of $30 applies if arriving after 8.30pm unless agreed prior with management.
  4. Car washing can be done in the sign posted area by the railway line. A $4.00 fee applies and can be placed in honesty box provided there.
  5. Filling of water tanks. Taps are provided around camping ground for the purpose of filling water tanks in camping vehicles. A $2.00 fee applies per fill with honesty boxes are provided at each tap. Connecting to water taps on a permanent basis is not permitted.
  6. Pets are allowed but they must be on a lead at all times. Owners must pick up and dispose of animal waste promptly & appropriately.
  7. Wildlife waste The swans, geese and wallabies in particular leave sizeable waste that can be confused for pet waste. Rakes are provided to help clear your site if required.
  8. Dump point. Old Mac's has a biocycle sewerage system which cannot tolerate chemical waste being placed down it. There is a dump point at St Leonards Picnic Grounds 5 minutes away. Please ask for directions if required.
  9. Rubbish Please assist us by wrapping all rubbish and placing it in the green rubbish bins provided.
  10. Generators can be run between the hours of 9am till 4pm. Please consider other guests.
  11. Old Mac's is on a flood plain. Patrons must be prepared to leave if asked to do so. If leaving vans or motorhomes unattended for any extended time please notify management in case they have to be moved in your absence.
  12. Quit time Please consider other guests by keeping noise to a minimum between the hours of 10pm and 8.30am. Rowdy or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated and management reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the property if they are creating a nuisance.
  13. Check out is at 10am unless otherwise arranged with management.
  14. Fire pots can be lit provided they are elevated off the ground and no coals can fall out and burn the grass. There is also a communal fire pit for people to use. Before any fire is lit you must check there are no fire bans in place. This can be done be contacting management or by phoning Tasmanian Fire Service on 1800 000 699.
  15. Fire pot hire and fire wood Fire wood can be purchased for $10 per bin. Fire pot hire is $5 per week.
  16. Kayaking in front lake is prohibited at all times unless organised with the farm café. Paddle boat and canoe hire can also be arranged at café.
  17. Walking tracks around farm can be used but it is at your own risk and walking through bush area should be avoided in windy conditions.
  18. Tourist information There is some information in the hut next to the fire pit or please ask for any other info you might require and we will try to assist.
  19. Day trips visit our day trips page to see some ideas for day trips around the area. Be sure to tag adventures to our Facebook page!
  20. Enquiries Phone 0408 443 696.
  21. Gate Code After hours access is available to campers, the code is provided on your first night.


Old Mac's Camping FAQs

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